Body Oils are fantastic. You can use them to moisturise your body after a bath or shower, add then into your bathwater for a luxurious soak, get a relaxing massage or even use them for healing the body or helping to raise or calm your mood.

In this section you will find a range of Bath, Body & Massage oils made with organic natural oils.I buy high quality organic,vegan fair trade oils and then infuse with herbs and botanicals to suit the purpose of that range. All my plants are organically grown and harvested at the peak of their potency and in accordance with the lunar cycles. The oils are then blended together with ritual intent and other products such as Essential oils are added to further the benefit to the body, mind and spirit. 

The oils are sold in glass bottles, wth tamper proof tops. As a Shaman I treasure our planet and refuse to use plastic. Reuse or recycle your bottles when finished. You also have the option of returning the bottle to me. Simply contact me when finished and I will send a postage paid envelope for you to return it in. 



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