Elemental Earth Products & Rituals Summer - The FIRE Range

As a Shaman and a green witch all my products are designed and developed with the wheel of the year and ritual use in mind. My Fire range reflects all that is Summer, the direction of South and of course the element of Fire. Designed for summer rituals such as Bealtaine and Summer Solstice it is infused with  passion, invigoration and  fierce exhilarating energies. Magically Ginger is used to add a fiery energy to workings and helps speed up results. It can also be used in ritual to add passion and heat to an existing relationship. Lime is a significant ritual cleanser, purifier and is primarily used for protection. Along with this it adds spiritual strength and alertness. Use the soap and bath soak for pre-ritual bathing, the oil in moon rituals during summertime, when celebrating summer sabbats or welcoming solstice. 

Physical Benefits

Physically this warming range is made with oils infused with ginger root, turmeric and lime and is beneficial for aching arthritic joints, sore muscles and fatigue associated with diseases such as fibromyalgia. The multiple anti-inflammatory components of this oil can also provide pain relief for muscle ache, back ache, menstrual cramps, post exercise soreness and much more. The Fire range is particularly suited for the treatment of psoriasis, acne and acne scarring. 

Spiritual Benefits

Spiritually the Fire range is wonderful for raising your mood and energy working together with the Heart chakra and Sacral chakras. Ginger oil can positively affect your mood and reinvigorate your zest for life. Lime oil may benefit in raising your vibration, clearing fatigue and works wonders if your are feeling overwhelmed 

Is the Fire Range for you??

If you are feeling low, overwhelmed, fatigued, foggy,aching or simply need to perk up your energy then this could be the range for you. Available in this range is wonderfully anti-inflammatory bath soak, a matching bar soap and a bath/body massage oil. Plastic, Vegan and Cruelty Free as always.


Happy magical plants make great products.  I plant, grow and harvest all herbs and botanicals in accordance with lunar cycles and firmly believe the rituals of love and intent that I pour into my plants and creations make my products that little bit special..

I also make bespoke products for individuals and will add spellcraft to any lotion or potion if wanted..... Just ask

Gift Baskets made to order for any occassion at a price that is right for you. Simply send me a message via the contact form  giving requirements and contact details and I will reply to you asap. 


As a custodian of this beautiful planet all my products are cruelty free and use no plastic. There are no synthetic or manmade fragrances used and only ethically sourced ingredients where I cannot make them myself

Treat yourself to the security of knowing exactly what you are putting onto your body by buying from Elemental Earth