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What is Shamanism

Shamanism is an ancient form of spiritual practice which holistically restores harmony in the mind, body and spirit. The Shaman lives in deep connection with the natural world, respecting life in all its forms, working with the ebb and flow of existence and interconnected energy to bring about well-being. 

As a Shamanic Practitioner I use a variety of techniques, including trance and journey into otherworlds, drumming/ rattling, connection to spirit/ ancestral guides, energy healing, work with my medicine bundle and other practices to find answers to problems and to remove blocks and negative energies from source, thereby restoring harmony to the human energy field. This enables my clients to be fully empowered, bringing that which has been forgotten or hidden in darkness  into the light, and giving client the capacity to self heal and transform.

How Shamanic Healing can help you

  • If you feel "lost",  "disconnected from the world around you,  or just "not yourself"
  • Be proactive instead of responsive in your life
  • Restore your sense of power and self belief
  • Heal ancestral wounds that run through generations
  • Bring purpose and vision into your life again
  • Deal with grief, fear and anxiety
  • Overcome old habits and roles that restrict you
  • Break destructive patterns
  • Connect deeply with your inner wisdom and intuition
  • If you feel you are being blocked somehow from achieving goals
  • Manage pain - physical, emotional, mental and physical
  • Overcome trauma
  • Spiritual intrusions
  • Release anger and resentment 
  • Restore your life force and energy to help you live life with more fun and joy
  • If you feel like things just aren't going right for you
  • Bring about clarity in difficult situations and help you find answers
  • Deepen you own spiritual practices
  • Work with spirits of those who have died 
  • Death Rites to help the release of the soul and guide to the light

I have had one session with Jayne and the only way to describe it is Wow!

I am a holistic and crystal therapist however I felt that I needed something more. The realization and release of my blocks were exactly what I needed. Jayne made me feel extremely comfortable and explained the whole process. I will definitely be back again.


Shamanic Healing Techniques

There are five primary shamanic healing techniques that can be used to help a client. One or a combination of techniques will be used during a healing session to bring about optimum support to the client.

As Shamanism is a spiritual practice and NOT a religion these techniques can be used without conflicting with any religious practice you may hold. 

IMBAS (Divine Illumination)

During Imbas dense, heavy and stuck energy is cleared from the chakras. This release allows space for replacement lighter energy to be brought into the aura through an exquisite ritual. A hugely powerful healing method, Imbas is a cornerstone within all Shamanic healing sessions and brings balance and flow to the LEM. Clients often feel. more calm, at peace and lighter following this treatment.


Removes intrusions and misplaced energy from the energy body. This energy is not necessarily "bad", and as a natural part of living can be accumulated from multiple sources. Ultimately if left untended, this energy which isn't an intrinsic part of your aura can bring about dis-ease, and illness in the mind body and spirit. Extraction can bring about a great sense of release and freedom, allowing the clients life force to grow in harmony and light


Sometimes through trauma or difficult life experiences our soul can fragment as a natural coping mechanism leaving us not fully ourselves, disconnected from ourselves or the world around us, living at a diminished capacity or it can present itself through physical illness. At times the soul essence returns independently and self healing occurs, however sometimes the soul part cannot return without guidance, and that is where Soul Retrieval can help. 

Soul Retrieval brings back the pure essence of that soul part ( prior to any trauma) to the client and can leave them feeling empowered, fulfilled and whole again. 

This is a beautiful and unique experience for many, and can aid with reaching your fullest life potential 


As a Shaman not only can I help the living, but I also work with the spirits of those who have died.

Psychopomp helps the souls of those who have passed on find peace and freedom by helping them cross to the light, heaven or other realms synomymous with universal source. Sometimes spirits need someone to help and guide them from this world to the next, addressing worries, concerns, trauma and allieviating fears that are keeping them from moving on. This healing may be done many years after death to ensure the spirit is fully at rest and completely at peace. 


These sacred Rites are given to those who are crossing over to help their soul release with peace, dignity and meaning. 

As we support each other through life so can a Shaman support a loved one and those closest  to them through the dying process. A shaman can be requested by the person crossing over or by the family shortly after death occurs. The Rites clear and optimise the chakras so the soul can leave the body with ease and then be guided to the light. 

I have never had a healing treatment like this before. Jayne made me feel instantly calm and ready to heal!

It did take me a while to relax and let go, but when I did I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  I felt very emotional afterwards, however I honestly feel the shamanic treatment has helped me move forward and grow within my life. Thank you Jayne x


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